Techniques for making money from land
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Land and Buildings Tax Act The new version will come into effect in 2020. This means that anyone who has land will have to pay taxes to the government. Therefore, those who have land but do not bring it to do business Leave the land just to pay this part of the money without any benefit from the land at all. It would be better if we could use this piece of land to make money. Which the method of generating income from land is considered as a good starting a real estate business for new real estate professionals

Techniques for making money from land
Techniques for making money from land

First of all, we have to analyze the location of our land first to be able to generate income.

1. Land in the city
The land in that city is high. Therefore able to operate a variety of businesses Because people are busy Makes it easy for any business to be successful
- Flea market due to crowded people, therefore making flea markets get quite good rewards
- Coffee shop or restaurant The coffee shop business is a continuously growing business. Due to not requiring a lot of investment and not much space
- Parking lot. Leasing the parking lot is suitable for those who do not want to invest anything more. Or don't have time to look at the business
- Hotels in urban areas are places where people tend to come often. Therefore, the hotel is considered an indispensable thing.

2. Land outside the city
Land on the main road. But not in the city
- Resort. Creating a resort may require a lot of investment. But will receive a high return
- Gas station
- Car showroom or car service center
- Rental of event
- Build an apartment, apartment, or rental house (should not be far from the city Will give good returns)

3. Land far away
Distant land, not densely attached to the city, not road
- Farming such as sugarcane, cassava
- Gardening such as fruit orchards, vegetable gardens
- Raise animals such as raising pigs, raising chickens or may be made into animal farms.
- If renting, if feeling that farming, gardening, can rent out to people in that area
- Cultivating perennial plants, ornamental plants, and various garden plants
- Doing a factory, making a factory, should study the law very well first

How are you? How to make money from land. Can be done in many ways Whether doing business by yourself or renting out space to others And for those who do not have time to manage the business and want to release the rental space, we have Component MDRental, a management aid for the rental business. Introduce this component to help the business run more efficiently.



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