How to Install auto mod in phpBB (stepBystep)
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See pictures below in every step for clearer instructions


Step 1: Go to




Step 2: Click Download Latest Automod




Step 3: Go to




Step 4: Scroll down and look for mod you want to be downloaded and click




Step 5: Click download




Step 6: Locate your downloaded 



Step 7: Extract the file




Step 8: Double click the extracted file




Step 9: Double click the folder pointed by the arrow




Step 10: Once you are inside the automod folder. double cick the root folderl



Step 11: Copy all the files inside the root folder




Step 12: Go to your localhost phpbb folder and paste all the file




Step 13: Follow the instruction on the picture below. (1) Check the box. (2) Click Yes



Step 14: Go to your localhost phpbb / install



Step 15: Click submit button



Step 16: Click the button "yes"



Step 17: Click "Admin Index"



Step 18: If you still see the Warning message. Go to your localhost phpbb and delete the install folder




Step 19: Go back again to your phpbb admin page and click the Automod



Step 20: Click "upload" and locate the mods you downloaded on Step 5



Step 21: Select the downloaded mod on Step 5 and click open



Step 22: Click the Return to AutoMOD



Step 23: Click "Install"



Step 24: Click "Install"



Step 25: Click the link pointed by the arrow on the picture



Step 26: Click "Submit"



Step 27: Click "Yes"



Step 28: Now the mod is installed successfully, on the right top corner click "Board index"



Step 29: Click forum you want to view



Step 30: Now, just place your pointer on the topic.. The one surrounded by red is my newly installed automod. Other mods are depending on what are their uses.