How to install new module and use in Joomla
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Modules allow you to display certain elements on your site in key areas around the template. Modules include things such as upcoming events, latest news, polls, latest items added to store and other things. 


Steps on how to install new module on your joomla website:

          Step 1: Look for a site that has a module you to be downloaded or look the picture below for example



         Step 2: Choose a module you want to be downloaded



        Step 3: In order the module to be downloaded, click download button



         Step 4: Check if the downloaded file is already done




         Step 5: Go to your Joomla Administrator



         Step 6: Go to Extensions and Click Extension Manager



         Step 7: Choose the downloaded file to the Extension package file


                  You will see a message like on the picture below if it is successfully installed



            Step 8: Now, you can check the newly installed module.. Go to your Extensions and click Module Manager



            Step 9: Now, if you want to activate the module. Go to site module and click the Disk icon


                Now we are done in setting up a new module