How to Install and Use Joomla template
How to Install and Use Joomla template
How to Install and Use Joomla template
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Install Joomla Template

  Follow instructions and arrow below

       Step 1: Search for free joomla template to be downloaded or click this link  .See picture below for the example



      Step 2: Choose joomla template that you may want to download



      Step 3: The page may redirected to other page to proceed in downloading. Click "download" again



      Step 4: You should check the box to agree on terms and agreement before clicking the download


               The page will be redirected to final page of downloading: See pictures below



      Step 5: You can check if it is already downloaded in your downloads folder


          So, the template has already been downloaded.. Let's proceed on how to use it.


        Step 6: Open your localhost administrator: example http://localhost/joomla/administrator/index.php

                   Then, Go to the Extensions and click Extension Manager



        Step 7: 1. In Install, Click Upload Package File on the right corner

               7: 2. Click Extension package file and locate the downloaded template

               7: 3. Click Upload & Install.. See picture below for the directions


             If the package contains no errors you are done and get a success message like the one below



           Step 8: To verify if the installation succeeds. (1). Go to "Manage"  (2). Filter: "template" and (3) Check if the template is there



             Step 9: To use the template. Go to the "Extensions" and click "Template Manager"



             Step 10: In the Default column, Click the star of your template if you want to choose it


                      On the left top corner a success message will show like one below


          Step 11: To check if the template you choose as default works, type your localhost added by the name of your joomla folder and add ?tp=1 like this http://localhost/joomla/?tp